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English language course

From January 2012 Foundation for Development „Beyond Borders” offers English language courses for foreigners at every level. One edition of courses lasts three months. Our courses are held in groups of up to 14 students. Lessons take place twice a week for 2 academic hours or once a week for 4 academic hours.


Courses are open both to third-country nationals and EU citizens. Class groupings are international.

Courses are adjusted to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages levels from A0 to C2. Teaching methods are chosen by lecturers and adjusted to meet the needs of particular groups.

Why is studying with us worth it?

Foundation for Development „Beyond Borders” is not a typical language school. We are a public benefit organization helping migrants currently living in Poland and supporting their activities in Polish social life. Our professional and friendly team works on counseling, education, and support in contact with public administration. We work in a cross-cultural environment on a daily basis and we are experts in the field of migration trends in Poland.

We have experience in teaching Polish to foreigners. From January 2012 we offer also English courses dedicated to foreigners. We encourage you to read our students’ reviews published under the References tab. We consider the number of students who return to study with us for another semester as the best indicator of our courses’ success.

Classes are held by experienced teachers of English as a foreign language. Our professional educators have strong methodological preparation. Courses are based on their own proven teaching methods. You can find more information about our educators under the Teachers tab.

The group courses we offer are based on a communicative approach to language. They help students to improve communication skills constantly and helps them to gain confidence in using a new language. Our teachers take an individual approach with every student, and teaching style is adjusted to each group and to students’ needs. We find intensive language practice to be the most important goal. Groups are international which is an additional opportunity to improve gained language skills.

The course fee is 400 PLN at every level.

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